About Us

This website is dedicated entirely to the thrilling and exciting world of skydiving and all that it entails and has to offer. Here you will find all of the information you will need to take the leap, quite literally, to learning how to skydive as well as other relevant information for those who know how but want to learn more.

Skydiving originally more commonly referred to as parachuting can be defined simply as a method of transporting oneself from a point or vessel above Earth to ground using gravity and controlling speed with a parachute or multiple parachutes. Modern day skydiving looks different for everyone and the amount of time spent free falling differs as well as the height at which someone falls from. Read on and scroll through our web pages to learn more about the activity and all of the different ways it is done all over the world.

The first person to ever be brave enough to quite literally jump was actually the same person who invented the parachute; his name was Andre-Jaques Garnerin and his invention came to fruition and completion in October of 1797. That’s right, skydiving has been around since 1797! Since planes had not been invented yet, he jumped out of a hydrogen balloon and he was 980 m above the ground which isn’t a lot by today’s skydiving standards but sure was at the time. His parachute looked a lot like what yours would look like today but was not packed into any sort of backpack or container (this would come almost 100 years later). Read on to learn more about the history of skydiving and how it has evolved over time by exploring this site.

You can also learn about the ways that parachuting and skydiving is used beyond just for leisure. The military, for example, uses this means of transportation to save aircrews and people from plays as well as ways to enter land that would otherwise to be tricky.

Learn about safety when it comes to skydiving. Even if you think you are an expert in the world of skydiving, we have some fun facts and world records that you may not know. Ever wonder how old the oldest skydiver is? Have you asked yourself what the highest jump was? Or maybe you want to know who did the most jumps in one day? Luckily for you we have all of these answers and so many other interesting facts here as well.