Interesting Facts about Skydiving

Whether you are a skydiving enthusiast, or simply looking to learn more about it, here are some facts and even some world records that may blow your mind!

  • The highest, and arguably most terrifying skydive done without a parachute was from 7600 metres in the air. Mind you, it was a professional and well trained stunt man who did the stunt and he landed safely in a net when he did it
  • An American man who was 102 years old at the time is the oldest person to ever skydive. In 2017, Kenny Meyer decided to go skydiving “for the USA”
  • 400 skydivers got together in 2006 and decided to set the record for most people skydiving at once. This took place in Thailand and was an impressive feat for sure
  • How many times do you think you could jump out of a plane in one day? The most ever was 640 times in 24 hours. That is both incredible and exhausting
  • There has actually been bicycles ridden out of planes; the first one done in the 90’s with hundreds more to follow
  • Each year, hundreds of brave men decide to be even braver than ever and propose to their girlfriends before or after jumping out of a plane. One man, however, once decided it would be a wonderful idea to do it during the proposal and, just as you or I could have predicted, the ring plummeted to the earth and the proposal was definitely not as planned
  • If you think you’re scared of skydiving, then maybe the four year old who happens to be the youngest person to ever skydive will help you scrape up the courage to go. If he can do it then so can you
  • Everyone falls at different speeds; you may have seen movies where people jump and soar together but in reality or the Unibet Euro 2021, everyone will fall at different speeds. Weights and other equipment can be purchased to manage the speed at which you fall
  • How do you think that your friends and those strangers you’ve seen online get such great skydiving pictures without a camera or selfie stick? In fact, the cameras that are used during these falls are controlled using your mouth. You can blow, bite or press buttons with your tongue to take pictures and even change camera settings
  • There are clubs for seniors who like to and want to go skydiving. These clubs exist all over the world and are open to those over the ages of 60. These seniors are brave and daring and more so than many other, younger people
  • When you skydive, everything slows down; this is because your body is running on and pumping adrenaline so everything tends to slow down